Multitalentness is your nature.

The topic of "multitalentness" can lead to the puzzle pieces of your life falling into place and you knowing how good you are.

One thing you can´t do is live against your nature.


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Online Course "Multitalentness"

Maybe you've heard the words "multi-talented" or "scanner personality" before, maybe the topic is brand new to you AND you feel like diving in ....


What does it mean to be multi-talented?

How can I integrate it into my life?

What do I get out of it?

How do I tell others (partner, family, friends, superiors, colleagues etc.)?


My intention is that you experience a first good way of dealing with your multitalentedness. It is neither about a label nor a pigeonhole, but about your appreciation for yourself.


In this online course I will take you on a journey:


You look back at your life so far, so that you remember the "multi-talented situations" and know (again) what suits you, what is your nature.


Then you continue with the current situation. Many multitalented people do not know how good they are and you will change that. It's about finding words for yourself and your behavior, your best form, your joy in life, so that you can use that for yourself ... privately and professionally.


And then it goes into the implementation, into the integration of the multitalentedness into your life. How do you communicate with your environment? How do you network? Which jobs are right for you?


You can complete this online course at your own pace. You can watch the videos again and again to take a deep dive. It makes sense if you take notes, either on your PC or by hand. A so-called "project book" would be great, an empty, nice notebook ... one that you really like.

I haven't mentioned yet that there is "homework", right? Don't worry, it's not the "homework" you remember from school. It's about assignments, diving deeper into the subject and getting to know yourself better. There is no "right" and "wrong" and no one controls them. But you can use them for your self-worth and self-confidence.

Start: Anytime ;-)


Invest: EUR/CHF 129,- (no VAT)


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